Get Repairs For Your Garage Door In The Marlborough, Holden & Worcester, MA Area

Don't Get Zapped By Lightning Damage

Lightning doesn't have to strike your garage door directly to cause extensive damage. The resulting power surge can fry electronic equipment, including your garage door opener. Allied Service Specialties, Inc. offers garage door circuit board repair services in the Marlborough, Holden & Worcester, MA area. Our contractor can replace the damaged circuit board so you don't have to spend extra money installing a completely new garage door.

Don't let lightning damage lock down your garage door. Call us now to schedule repairs.

Signs your circuit board is damaged

Signs your circuit board is damaged

Your garage door might still work with a damaged circuit board. But odd behaviors are a sign that you need circuit board repair services. Watch for these signs that your door has lightning damage:

  • Your garage door opens suddenly without anyone pushing the button
  • The door randomly stops halfway through opening or closing
  • Connected remote controls or keypads stop functioning
  • The light in the opener flashes for no apparent reason

Allied Service Specialties can inspect your system, find the problem and provide a solution. Arrange for a circuit board repair service in Holden, MA or surrounding areas by contacting us at 508-829-3226.