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Get Your Garage Door Moving Again

Unfortunately, garage doors don’t always make it to their full life expectancy. Whether someone drove into your door, a tree fell on it or lightning struck it, Allied Service Specialties, Inc. can get it fixed. We can work with your garage door insurance claim to replace damaged parts.

Our services include…

  • Garage door track replacement
  • Garage door spring repair
  • Garage door replacement
  • Garage door opener repair

We can replace specific, individual parts or repair your entire door. If you love the look of your old door, we can match it so it looks as good as new. Call us today to schedule garage door track replacement or spring repair services in the Marlborough, Holden & Worcester, Massachusetts area.

Your homeowners insurance might cover your garage door

Your homeowners insurance might cover your garage door

If your garage door was damaged in an accident or a storm, you might be covered. A garage door insurance policy is often included in many broad homeowners insurance plans. Allied Service Specialties can work with your policy to provide effective repairs. We'll make sure your door works like new so you can put the accident behind you.

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